Friday, October 18, 2019

Chapter Analysis Theistic Realism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Chapter Analysis Theistic Realism - Essay Example The term ‘theistic realism’ was defined by Gutek to describe this kind of approach (Hart, 2006: 56). Man is perceived as a rational being with free will exercised through choice and capable of acquiring knowledge of reality. Human conduct is thus guided by objective truth and values. Reality though is accepted as both material and spiritual. Having free will and conscience also means people are responsible for their own behaviour (Young et al., 2007: 84). Under theological realism, the teacher would likely employ a range of methods with an emphasis on helping to develop skills of observation and critical reasoning. The teacher would also provide copious facts and guide the student to becoming knowledgeable about the world around them as a route to self-realisation. The lecture method would therefore be common with skilful use of audio-visual aids, and teachers would encourage discussion among students. The teacher is very much sympathetic towards her students, and students in turn would be given choice in the activities they can engage in. As John Locke advocated, the children would not be pushed beyond their ability or natural inclinations. To assist students in their learning, the use of objects features prominently, which includes pictures and illustrations. This practice was promoted by the theologian and educator Comenius who also stressed on learning by doing (Gordon & Browne, 2010: 10). The overall objective is to perfect students’ natural abilities through training their senses. Also, rather than stressing on memorisation, students learn by understanding and applying knowledge. As Thorndike in the empiricist tradition believed, this higher level thinking ability in students develops from the aforementioned basic habits (Cox et al., 2009). The curriculum emphasis under theological realism is on subjects that are deemed practical and useful. In particular, the study of nature would be considered as very important,

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